MEtasatic breast cancer

There is NO cure

Breast cancer that is found only in the breast is treatable and survivable . But once it moves to other areas in the body there is no cure. Researchers don't know how to stop Stage 4 breast cancer from growing. We need to find a cure.

Most women die within 5 years

Once breast cancer moves to the bones, lungs, brain, or other areas it becomes deadly. Only 22% of women survive beyond 5 years. This statistic needs to change.

Research is the answer

The best weapon against MBC is research. Researchers are racing to find answers and solutions. Huntsman Cancer Center is one of the nations top research centers for metastatic  breast cancer. 

No change in over 40 years

While awareness and early screening for breast cancer have improved greatly, the death rate from metastatic breast cancer is the same as it was 40 years ago. 

Over 500,000 deaths annually

Countries in Africa have the same rate of death from metastatic breast cancer as we do in the U.S. All of our awareness efforts haven't helped us find a cure. Over 500,000 women die annually from MBC. 

Number one cause of death

For women under the age of 50 metastatic breast cancer is the number one cause of death. Every 13 minutes in the U.S.A there is a death from metastatic breast cancer. Every day 110 people die from this disease.